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Sitcoms and talk shows don't help our image, and multi-media is also struggling to recognize fathers as a veritable voice among Mommy Bloggers in the world of parenting commentary and advice. It is still unpopular for a father to defend his metrosexuality, or love for his children and domestic life, while sitting at his office desk or running his work site.

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This site is offered for support of other rape and sexual abuse survivors.

It is not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional help.

This exposure makes it imperative that parents start discussing explicit aspects of sex when their kids are still young. Almost 7% of today's teens report having had sexual intercourse before 13 years of age.

By the time they are in 9th grade (age 14-15) it'll be close to 32%.

Each family will approach this in their own way, based on their values, comfort level, and style.

I know, because I speak to a lot of parents of 10 year olds and they tell me. My twenty-five plus years as Director of Health for the New York City Public Schools and the tens of thousands of kids I have spoken with about sex and sexuality have taught me one very import fact.Most jurisdictions compile their laws into sections, such as traffic, assault, and sexual.The majority of convicted sex offenders have convictions for crimes of a sexual nature; however, some sex offenders have simply violated a law contained in a sexual category.So before we send our little ones off to middle school we have a lot of work cut out for us.Don't think for a moment that 10 years of age is too young to learn virtually anything there is to know about sex.From as early as infancy, kids are interested in learning about their own bodies.