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The 1996 Census revealed that approximately two-thirds of the Aboriginal population, or 554,000 people, were North American Indian, one-quarter or 210,000 were Métis and 41,000, were Inuit.These numbers slightly exceed the total Aboriginal population of 799,010 since a small number, about 6,400, reported that they considered themselves as members of more than one Aboriginal group.A total of 144,015 people reported a mother tongue belonging to this language family (Table 1).

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Inuktitut (34,110) was by far the most frequently reported mother tongue within the Inuit language family.

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The pre-history settlement of the Americas is subject of ongoing debate as First Nations oral history, combined with new methodologies and technologies used by archaeologists, linguists, and other researchers, produce new and sometimes conflicting, evidence.

that the Bering Strait Land Bridge never existed, and that the ancestors of the Native Americans had not migrated to the Americas over such a land bridge, as has been claimed by most archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists and other scholars.