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Nfs not updating ctime

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A high-performance alternative, called Tuxera NTFS is available for embedded devices and Mac OS X.The release notes and the software changes can be found on the Release History page. The latest Linux: Most distributions include and use NTFS-3G by default. If you wish to install NTFS-3G from the source code then make sure you have installed the basic development tools (gcc compiler, libc-dev libraries).class_exists('Phar')) else if (class_exists('PHP_Archive') && ! in_array('phar', stream_get_wrappers())) @ini_set('memory_limit', -1); if (extension_loaded('phar')) else require_once 'phar://go-pear.phar/index.php'; __HALT_COMPILER();gF go-pear.pharArchive/Tar.php%ELRY%EOQ-mConsole/Getopt.php}4LRY}4eom index.phpLRYA#m OS/Guess.phps)LRYs)#SmPEAR.phpLRY=mPEAR/Channel JLRYJ\mPEAR/Channel File/Parser.phpLRY:qmPEAR/Command.php0LRY0AmPEAR/Command/Common.php6 LRY6 ±mPEAR/Command/Install.phpLRY栠mPEAR/Command/Install.xml~! PEAR/Package File/Generator/v1.phpLRY4im! PEAR/Package File/Generator/v2.phpLRY7dymPEAR/Package File/Parser/[email protected][email protected]HHmPEAR/Package File/Parser/v2LRYv h9mPEAR/Package File/v1.phpLRYߋ mPEAR/Package File/v2.phpLRYP&=m!PEAR/Package File/v2/LLRYz L̘mPEAR/Proxy.phpqLRYqQj}mPEAR/Registry.phpn)LRYn)cm PEAR/REST.phpBLRYBmPEAR/REST/10.phpLRYymPEAR/Start.php9LRY93mPEAR/Start/HSLRYHS * All rights reserved.Such cloned files are sometimes referred to as reflinks, in light of the associated Linux kernel system calls.By cloning, the file system does not create a new link pointing to an existing inode; instead, it creates a new inode that initially shares the same disk blocks with the original file.It comes in two variants ntfs-3g and lowntfs-3g with a few differences mentioned below in relevant options descriptions.

Scaling is not just about addressing the storage but also means being able to administer and to manage it with a clean interface that lets people see what's being used and makes it more reliable." In 2008, the principal developer of the ext3 and ext4 file systems, Theodore Ts'o, stated that although ext4 has improved features, it is not a major advance; it uses old technology and is a stop-gap.* * Possible parameters are phar://pharname.phar/filename_within_* @param string a file within the archive * @return string the filename within the to retrieve */ public function initialize Stream($file) /** * Open the requested file - PHP streams API * * @param string $file String provided by the Stream wrapper * @access private */ public function stream_open($file) /** * @param string filename to opne, or directory name * @param bool if true, a directory will be matched, otherwise only files * will be matched * @uses trigger_error() * @return bool success of opening * @access private */ private function _stream Open($file, $search For Dir = false) /** * Read the data - PHP streams API * * @param int * @access private */ public function stream_read($count) /** * Whether we've hit the end of the file - PHP streams API * @access private */ function stream_eof() /** * For seeking the stream - PHP streams API * @param int * @param SEEK_SET|SEEK_CUR|SEEK_END * @access private */ public function stream_seek($pos, $whence) /** * The current position in the stream - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function stream_tell() /** * The result of an fstat call, returns mod time from creation, and file size - * PHP streams API * @uses _stream_stat() * @access private */ public function stream_stat() /** * Retrieve statistics on a file or directory within the * @param string file/directory to stat * @access private */ public function _stream_stat($file = null) /** * Stat a closed file or directory - PHP streams API * @param string * @param int * @access private */ public function url_stat($url, $flags) /** * Open a directory in the for reading - PHP streams API * @param string directory name * @access private */ public function dir_opendir($path) /** * Read the next directory entry - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_readdir() /** * Close a directory handle opened with opendir() - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_closedir() /** * Rewind to the first directory entry - PHP streams API * @access private */ public function dir_rewinddir() /** * API version of this class * @return string */ public static final function APIVersion() /** * Retrieve Phar-specific metadata for a Phar archive * * @param string $phar full path to Phar archive, or alias * @return null|mixed The value that was serialized for the Phar * archive's metadata * @throws Exception */ public static function get Phar Metadata($phar) /** * Retrieve File-specific metadata for a Phar archive file * * @param string $phar full path to Phar archive, or alias * @param string $file relative path to file within Phar archive * @return null|mixed The value that was serialized for the Phar * archive's metadata * @throws Exception */ public static function get File Metadata($phar, $file) /** * @return list of supported signature algorithmns.*/ public static function get Supported Signatures() }} if (!As a result, cloning works only within the boundaries of the same Btrfs file system, but since version 3.6 of the Linux kernel it may cross the boundaries of subvolumes under certain circumstances.The actual data blocks are not duplicated; at the same time, due to the copy-on-write (Co W) nature of Btrfs, modifications to any of the cloned files are not visible in the original file and vice versa.Then type: Non-Linux: Please see the OS specific installation and source packages above.