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Despite my mother’s allegiance to my father, she never quite mastered wifedom—for one reason: she was wholly unyielding.

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The Kingdom of Loathing is not a place that would ever be accused of taking itself too seriously. In the real world, it's possible to randomly punch strangers in the stomach. Impersonating an admin or an employee of Asymmetric Publications in an effort to scam/intimidate people or harvest their passwords will be dealt with aggressively.

Nevertheless, there comes a time in the lifespan of every community that doesn't actively discriminate against 12-year-olds at which some rules must be established. A player who buys somebody else's account for Meat is pretty much asking to get ripped off.

But, why don't the applications say "Look, you're trying to sync with an apple version we don't recognise, if you continue, it is very likely that the sync will break something. You've been warned." Instead, the applications seem to just try and sync, knowing only too well that there's a good chance the sync is going fail and break something.

It's infuriating, and I don't think blaming apple is a very good excuse. If you applied an update or tried to sync outside their approved ecosystem and it broke something, you can only blame yourself. Meantime just vote wisely, choose your devices wisely, and give what you can to organizations like the EFF. I agree, however I'm not talking about apple providing warnings (you're 100% correct, they have absolutely no obligation to provide support, warnings, anything.

Once you step outside Apple's walled garden you are on your own, they have no obligation to deliver such further warnings. If it's not in their business interests, why should they?

You agreed to this already and have accepted their unilateral terms. ), I'm talking about applications like banshee, rhythmbox, etc, that provide a "kind of" support, they should provide warnings when they encounter an untested apple device version.

Anyways, you should check your i Phone messages section (in the Settings app), where it says "Text Message Forwarding." Make sure the slider is slid to green for it to allow messaging from computer or i Pad, then your texts will send fine to everyone.The handoff is well configured because I am able to see an icon appear in the dock when I use the notes app.What can I do to make this functionality work again? If you find a tool that works, Apple breaks it in a 'security update' (they sometimes use the term subjectively).For some i Pods, try replacing the firmware with Rockbox.- If your application supports the i Phone device family, you must include square icons of the following dimensions: 57x57 pixels and 120x120 pixels.