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The main goal of Lerus Training Centre is to improve the competence level of marine personnel and ensure they are able to perform duties and complete operations safely in the offshore oil & gas industry.23 Chernomorskogo Kazachestva, 4th floor, Odessa, Ukraine 38 (048) 729 91 25 38 (048) 729 91 21 [email protected] TRAINING INTERNATIONAL (OTI) Occupational Training International is an international company, based in the Sultanate of Oman with a branch in Azerbaijan and internationally recognised as a key Health and Safety Skills training provider to the Oil and Gas Industry in the region.

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All standard STCW certification and ENG1 must be up to date as well as holding a B1B2 visa.I am a well-trained, long experienced, licensed, `old salt` who may be able to help you. kindly inform the vaccancies on my email amnair0072003 Also served as executive petty officer on Coast Guard Cutters ( Point Class ) . NO:0003377 DATE OF ISSUE:21 05 2004 DATE OF EXP 21 05 2009 FAMILIARIZATION SAFETY TRAINING FOR RATINGS IN: PREVENTION OF MARINE POLLUTION FROM SHIPS TRANSPORT AND HANDLING OF DANGEROUS, HAZARDOUS AND HARMFUL CARGOES NO 0001300 DATE OF ISSUE:28 05 2004 DATE OF EXP :28 05 2009 RO RO PASSENGER SHIPS/PASSENGER SHIPS OTHER THAN RO RO PASSENGER SHIPS NO 0001534 DATE OF ISSUE:13 05 2004 DATE OF EXP:13 05 2009 The last embarkments: MANGALIA (20621 TO, 2X5880 KW) FERRY BOAT PERIOD:10 12 2002 20 12 2002 CONSTANTZA (2810 TO,2X1500 KW) MILITARY SHIP PERIOD 01 06 2003 31 08 2003 ZIMBRUL 4 (430 TRB,2X1836KW) TOWING SHIP PERIOD 08 09 2003 17 05 2004 SEAMANS BOOK NO 1234 CT DATE OF ISSUE 24 07 2002 DATE OF EXP 20 04 2005 PASSPORT NO 06868447 DATE OF ISSUE 19 11 2002 DATE OF EXP:19 11 2007 CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY NO 1235 DATE OF ISSUE 24 07 2002 DATE OF EXP 01 08 2006 I AM ASTUDENT AT "NAVAL ACADEMY MIRCEA CEL BATRAN"FROM COSTANTZA ROMANIA IN THE LAST YEAR (YEAR 5).Service in every kind of ship (including cruise ships) and boats (including sail - deliveries a specialty) as well as responsible shore positions over many years. DIAS AGE :27 YRS OLD PRESENTLY WORKING IN REDISSON EDWARDIAN HEATHROW AIRPORT AS TRAINEE SUPERVISOR. Subject: Application for Trainee Marine Engineer/trainee electrical officer To Dear Sir /Madam I, Sandeep Sharma, finished higher national diploma in marine engineering from Glasgow College Of Nautical Studies, Glasgow Scotland in July 2003. I have performed hundreds of search-and-rescue and maritime law enforcement missions . Prefer, but not limited to, North/South American/Panamanian opportunities, or Pacific Ocean/Oceania. I SPEAK FLUENTLY THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND THE TURKISH LANGUAGE MEDIUM LEVEL.This group includes documents on the qualifications of persons enlisted personnel, issued in accordance with the requirements of Regulation II / 4, II / 5, III / 4, III / 5, VII / 2, as well as some training certificates required by the STCW Convention, in particular, the evidence for work on tankers, ship security officer certificate, etc.ยท Documentary evidence (documented) โ€“ means a document, other than a cum facial command structure or a vocational training certificate, which confirms that the requirements of the Convention are fulfilled.While a Yachtmaster qualification would be preferred, you will need to be able to demonstrate tender driving experience.