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The cast reunited in 1993 for a TV-movie, `The Return of Ironside.'Season 3, Episode 1Eve and Ed impersonate a couple to snare a swindler who specializes in bilking old women. Season 3, Episode 7Ironside heads security for a delegation seeking the release of American POWs. As special consultant to the police department, he headed a staff of three assistants, who helped him solve cases. The series earned accolades for portraying the character's disability in a realis A long-running drama about a San Francisco detective who used a wheelchair. Season 3, Episode 4Ed is kidnapped by a fugitive who is the target of a corrupt lawman trying to cover his activities at the local prison. January 20, until January 26 The Eternity Man of the title is, of course, Arthur Stace, the reformed metho-drinker who chalked his unchanging graffiti, Eternity, about half a million times on Sydney pavements during the 1950s and '60s.This short opera, by composer Jonathan Mills and writer Dorothy Porter, loosely follows Stace's elevation from brothel cockatoo (ie: police lookout), to the lonely Eternity Man on his rounds, to a final epiphany at the Gap where he contemplates, among other things, how he will write on water (although the real-life Stace died of a stroke).

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